OEM Modified

We take your stock wheel that you to us and Precision Cut them. You can get them Chrome or Powder-Coated Any Color you want!

Machine Design                            $125

Return Shipping & Handling         $35

Powder Coating                            $90

Polished                                        $250

Chrome                                         $300

Remove &/or Replace Barring      $40

You will need to remove the following before shipping them to us. If we have to remove the bearing there will be an additional $40 charged to replace them. >>>>Bearings, Plastic Pucks, Valve Stems, Brake Rotors, Pulley

Before shipping your wheels, be sure to ship each wheel separately, as they will get damaged if put in one box. Be sure to wrap your wheels rim edges well and reinforce the sides with bubble pack or card board as these get damaged in shipping all the time. I double box or add extra cardboard to the sides and all around the top and bottom of the wheel for support, after wrapping them in bubble pack. UPS has a tendency to damage them if not properly wrapped. This is why you insure them for “Replacement” value when you ship.

You can pick a design from our website at RuthlessDesignz.com. Print a copy of the design and send it along with your contact information in the box you ship to us.

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