Frequently Asked Questions:

Bolt on VS Cut & Weld Rake Kit for Victory:

We do both styles of rake kits in house. 

There is nothing wrong with the bolt on rake kit, but it sticks out 3 inch’s further than the weld in kit and you lose some turning radius with it, so parking lot turning is a little tricky. 

The weld in kit keeps it tucked in and looks better while keeping the stock turning radius. 

The benefit to the bolt on kit, is you can always change your mind and go back or bigger any time.


Contrast Cut rims are out about 6 weeks 

Chrome rims are out about 8 weeks

Rims and designz:

All of our designs on our website can be made in any size and any finish. 

There are some designs that don’t have both contrast and chrome pictures available, that does NOT mean it’s not available in a different finish. 

Wheel Kits to run 2008 and up Harley wheels on your Victory 

Q: When you install the wheel do you have to also replace the calipers and brake rotor or do you use stock?

A: You keep your stock calipers, but your Victory rotors will not fit on a Harley wheel so you have to use the Harley rotors. The Harley rotors and Victory rotors are both the same diameter and thickness. 

Q: Can these be used on steel frames (12 KP here)? Need HD bearings, etc I assume? Can these be used on the front AND rear? Will the stock calipers line up with the HD rotors?

A: Yes they will work on a KP, any wheel a XC wheel will fit on the kit will work for. 

You will have to pull the HD bearings out and install Victory bearings. 

The kit will come with new spacers. It will also come with spacers to move your brake calipers in to line up with the new location of the Harley rotors. 

We do not have a kit for the rear. This kit will only work for the front wheel. 

Oem Modified 

Chin Spoiler: 

What needs to be modified for this to fit on a bike with a 23″ front wheel?

The bottom front corner of the chin spoiler will hit your fender on a 23″ so you have to take about an inch off of it.

Speaker Lids

Any 8″ Speaker will fit with our Victory 8″ speaker lids. 

We use ST25 tweeter